Build Your Business Branding Now CV.ELCI Digital Indonesia is here to provide various services in the fields of design, editing, website, application, photography, videography, digital printing, learning and innovation services using Artificial Intelligence

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About Yogyakarta

Digital Agency and Specialist Creative Branding Yogyakarta. CV.ELCI Digital Indonesia have a mission to make it easier for people ranging from business pioneers, companies, agencies and layers Other communities.

Speed and Innovation

Where we strive to provide fast, friendly, responsive service and keep on learning. Innovate in developing services and technology for the convenience of our clients.

Valuable and Creative

The products we produce are products that have value and benefit for our clients. With experts in their fields to produce eye catching products with unlimited creativity.

Social Impact

Give a positive impact to the wider community in the form of training and workshops in order to improve their skills and abilities in the field of digital marketing which can later help business needs

  • Graphic Design and Digital Marketing

    Provide design service needs according to client's requirements

  • Web and Apps Development

    Website creation services for customer needs as a platform or promotional

  • Digital Print

    Makes it easy to print banners, and other needs so as to save time and energy

  • Social Media Management

    Helps manage social media to look professional and increase reach

  • Video Production and Motion Graphic

    Video editing and manufacturing services for promotion and branding

  • Chatbot

    Chatbot manufacturing services and products that implement AI

  • ELCI Academy

    Training and workshops in the field of digital marketing

  • Data Analytic

    Data processing services for research and development needs


You have to start from here, managing social media and creating a website to reach your target market to the broadest

Social Media Management

What did you get here? You will get social media management facilities, from poster editing, caption writing, hashtag management, eye catching instastory designs, to all social media.

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Website Development and Management

To reach a wider market you can start by creating a website. What did you get here? You will get a domain, hosting and website package. You can also request a website according to your eye catching and professional needs.

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Company Profile

Specialist Creative Branding Yogyakarta

Creative Branding will make your business more easily seen by your potential customers, and give a professional impression on the business that you are building


Our Price Package

We provide the best service at low prices and professional quality results


Suitable for Business

1.2 Million


  • Logo
  • Catalog Business
  • Design Presentation
  • Banner Design
  • Name Card
  • Brochure
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Suitable for Business

10 Million

Start from IDR

  • Logo
  • Catalog Business
  • Website Company Profile
  • Social Media Management
  • Name Card
  • Leaflet
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Suitable for Business

11 Million

Start From (IDR)

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Poster Promotion
  • Motion Graphic
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Thank you to our best clients who have entrusted all of their corporate branding at Yogyakarta needs to ELCI Digital Digital Indonesia

PT Bina Jaya Putra Yogyakarta

We are ARGON Interior, Exterior and Construction Specialist at Yogyakarta. We entrust branding needs to ELCI Digital Indonesia. The design produced is very professional, workmanship on time and friendly service.

CV. Mitra Turindo

We are Salakaindo, Exporter and Supplier of Indonesian zalacca fruit from Yogyakarta. We are greatly helped by professional services where our clients are between countries. Website creation, management of social media and promotional and packaging needs were handed over to ELCI Indonesia and the results were very satisfying.

Bank BPD DIY Syariah

Thank you to ELCI Digital Indonesia, we were greatly helped by the quality of the cool designs from Yogyakarta, starting from the needs of the Design and Editing videos we gave them. The results are very satisfying, on time and the process is very fast.



Our Client


Completed Project




Our Partner

Our Activity

Our mission is to contribute to making a positive impact on the wider community through digital marketing strategies and creative branding to help Indonesia become a Digital Energy of Asia country






Apps Development


ELCI Academy

Artificial Intelligence



Graphic Design

Soon Available

We strive to continue to innovate to facilitate our customers through applications that are easy, effective, and efficient for ordering.

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Manfaat Creative Branding

Branding memiliki banyak manfaat bagi sebuah Bisnis, diantaranya meningkatkan persepsi kualitas dan kredibilitas.


Pentingnya Digital Marketing

Sebanyak 72% konsumen sudah terhubung dengan brand pilihan mereka melalui beragam chanel pemasaran digital.


Engagement Media sosial

Menurut Nielsen, social ads dengan dukungan teman menghasilkan return iklan 55% lebih tinggi daripada iklan non-sosial.